Running Costs

Cost of air conditioning

Breezair is the world’s first Inverter Evaporative air conditioner and that means lower energy usage and running costs.

With increasing energy prices, and climate change making summer longer and hotter, evaporative air conditioning has a significant and increasing edge on reverse cycle, when it comes to energy efficiency, performance and lifestyle.

You could save up to $346 per year when compared to a ducted reverse cycle system.

*Based on approximate running cost of air conditioning figures per annum sourced from Sustainability Victoria – see its Cooling Fact Sheet at Assumes a whole house area of 166 square metres, with 300 hours usage, a 60% duty cycle for air conditioners, and an electricity tariff of 28 cents/kWh. No brand names are mentioned in the Sheet. Note that evaporative coolers also use water. Air conditioning cost can vary