Model Specifications

Review model specifications to help you to find the right Breezair evaporative air conditioner to cool your home or office

Breezair has thee ranges and offers a total of thirteen evaporative air conditioning models with varying cooling capacities (kW).

The Breezair Supercool range has super thick Chillcel pads, producing up to 20% more cooling when compared to the standard range. Breezair Supercool is only available from your Climate Masters of Seeley International specialist.

The Breezair Icon range offers superior cooling output compared to competitors’ models, which has been confirmed in our NATA accredited laboratory.

The Mirage Sloped Tank range is designed to blend seamlessly into your roof line and be hidden from the street.

To help you compare Breezair models, simply click on the PLUS symbol on the left or scroll down to select the products your would like to explore. You can compare up to four models at one time. You can also view the model’s colour options by clicking on the colour swatch below the model image.

If you need help to find the right model, check out our Help Me Choose tool.

Breezair Models

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Breezair Supercool

  • Breezair EXS 160

    Breezair EXS 160

  • Breezair EXS 180

    Breezair EXS 180

  • Breezair EXS 200

    Breezair EXS 200

  • Breezair EXS 220

    Breezair EXS 220


Breezair Icon

  • Breezair EXQ 130

    Breezair EXQ 130

  • Breezair EXQ 150

    Breezair EXQ 150

  • Breezair EXQ 170

    Breezair EXQ 170

  • Breezair EXQ 190

    Breezair EXQ 190

  • Breezair EXQ 210

    Breezair EXQ 210